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Serious dating site: the best dating sites in 2019

If your quest for great love has not been successful so far, be aware that you are not alone in waiting to meet the right person. Singles in France are counted in millions and the only barrier between them is the relationship. At a time of technology of all kinds, the classic drag is outdated and the best solution to make serious meetings is to use a good dating site.

They are many, not all of equal quality, but everyone can find a serious dating site that corresponds to him. To help you in your search, here we present the best dating sites, tested and approved, and we explain the characteristics of each.

Choose the serious dating site made for you and find Love fast!
The best serious dating sites: our top 6

There are hundreds of dating sites, but only a handful of elected officials can claim to be a serious dating site. The others are empty platforms on which, once registered (after payment), you will not meet ... nobody.

Here is a top 5 serious and effective dating sites to start a lasting relationship.

# 1 - Match

Match is the most well-known and renowned general-interest dating site of all. It's simple, with more than 15 years of existence and crazy numbers, it is considered the best serious dating site.

Take advantage of the current trial offer, which allows you to benefit from Match and test it:

And there are good reasons for that! Match connects singles from all walks of life so that they can find the right partner for them. The number of registrants is colossal and it is estimated that more than 6 million couples have formed through the site.

Highly visited, the platform allows all singles, whether they live in Paris or in a small remote village in central France, to find registered members not too far from home. The contact options, although classic, work effectively and the events that the site organizes recently allow users to meet in real life!

To avoid spoiling anything, Match offers a trial offer, completely free. So you can create a complete profile and use the site without obligation, to see if you please!

# 2 - SeniorPeopleMeet

If Meetic managed to become a heavyweight of the meeting, he knew how to develop and propose other offers. This includes categorization according to age. In this sense was born SeniorPeopleMeet, with all the qualities and seriousness that we know Meetic.

SeniorPeopleMeet, this is the dating platform for singles over 50 years old. Here, seniors are not forgotten and have their own dating site. With a more targeted search, the site is more selective and therefore more efficient for all senior singles.

And opinions on SeniorPeopleMeet are quite unanimous. The Meetic recipe applied to people of a more mature age meets success. With this first filter, exchanges are much more qualitative for above-average results.

# 3 - Elite Singles

As the name suggests, Elite Singles is a serious dating site where you can meet serious singles with a certain social status. In fact, this means that you will find on the website members who have a busy, financially comfortable and well educated career.

Ideal for those who have specific selection criteria for their future partner, it will save time by performing a large upstream sorting. No parasitic profiles, no misplaced words, we navigate serenely on Elite Meet various possibilities of contacts.

With ambition as a watchword and the meeting by affinities to help you, this serious dating site has many assets to help you meet the right person.

# 4 - Established Men

The serious dating site Established Men is a rather unusual platform, which shines by a rather special aspect: you are not sure of being able to access it!

Indeed, to be able to register on Established Men, it will first be necessary to submit your profile to the members already present in the community who, according to their expectations and their desires, you will accept or not.

If this principle seems rough at first, it is actually a guarantee of quality! Once you have entered this kind of private club, you will see how important this first selection is. The remaining members are indeed all great qualities and respect is paramount.

Thus, each discussion will be pleasant, with courteous and respectful users, who present a real desire to build something stable. The community is very lively and does not hesitate to organize off-site events to communicate live.

For the thirty +, active and dynamic, Established Men is an excellent meeting platform!

# 5 - Hugavenue

With its 3 million members, Hugavenue is a serious and lively dating site where registrants are mainly to make lasting encounters ... but not only. Indeed, the site offers its members to meet more naughty, if the heart tells you. Even if it is not your first goal, it is sometimes interesting to be tempted by a little lightness!

But even if you only want a table and lasting relationship, then Hugavenue could seduce you. Even if its contact features remain fairly basic, except for a nice Tinder ( Like interface, we find here motivated members to make nice meetings.

With very detailed profiles and a subscription system that is much more convenient than many of its competitors, Hugavenue has been successful and has attracted more and more singles for more than 5 years.

Maybe you are next?

# 6 - Edarling

This dating platform is a dating site by affinities. This means that you will start by filling out your profile as well as a very advanced personality test before you can browse the site.

The results of this test will depend on the profiles that will be proposed to you. This is a very effective method and recommended for those who do not wish to peel the profiles of registrants for hours. With the suggestions that are made to you, and that fall fairly right most of the time, you will only have to send a first message to one of the people chosen especially for you, to break the ice.

Primarily used by singles 40 years and older, the serious dating site Edarling is the No. 1 dating sites by affinities in France. With the very good results that it offers as well as its more than 13 million users, it could be that your quest for Love will come sooner than expected ...!

Serious dating site: a lasting relationship just a click away

Joining a serious dating site is far from being a confession of disarray as some still seem to think! Let's be clear: today is the simplest and most effective way to find a partner with whom to share good times!

On this type of platform, the choice can be huge. Singles young and old are present, you will find all the tastes in terms of physics, and according to the chosen dating site, you can even get in touch with singles according to criteria of social success or education. What satisfy your expectations without much harm.

In addition, current dating sites have adapted to the era of time, offering modern services. Some propose to make smooth meetings, with questions-answers games to fill directly via the profiles, others allow the meeting by affinities, which will save you time: after having passed a personality test, you do not You will only have to consult the profiles submitted to you, in agreement with your results.

Finally, some sites even break the barrier of the virtual by meeting singles during real events. These are great opportunities to find a soul mate, for a drink or a relaxing weekend.

Choosing a serious dating site: the important points

The choice of the serious dating site that best suits your needs should not be done lightly. Depending on your expectations, you will be directed towards one or the other, but certain criteria must be taken into consideration in all cases. Here are the ones we consider when we choose the best sites.


Who says serious dating site says serious member to meet. It is therefore important to ensure that the site has a large number of registrations in order to have a maximum of choice.

For us, being able to connect at any time and find members online is a guarantee of quality. In the same way, it is very important that the available profiles are fairly well distributed in the territory, and not just concentrated in the largest cities.


To meet online, a serious dating site must offer its users a variety of tools and adapted to the specificities of each. Some members swear by the live chat, convenient for spontaneous conversations, while others prefer the exchange of messages more traditional, with a time of reflection to prepare them.

In addition, it is appreciable to have various or more original possibilities, such as question and answer systems that allow you to know each other smoothly. We also like Omegle Chat site like, which allows you to report to a profile that you are attracted to, with a simple click.

The affinity match or the initial selections allow those in a hurry to gain precious time.

Finally, events organized by certain platforms, such as weekends between singles, workshops or theme nights are a great way to find a partner!

The Pricing

The price of a dating site has a good impact on your choice. Some platforms are more expensive, because they offer a saving of time, a quality of profiles higher, more options of contact ...

We appreciate that some offer a free trial period or at a low price, to give the user a few days to get an idea before committing. Transparency is always a guarantee of quality.

The results

We can not talk about a serious dating site without discussing the results. In our various tests, we reveal to you the number of actual meetings realized thanks to this or that site, so that you realize the possibilities offered by each one.

Of course, the quality of the site will not do everything! You will need to create an attractive profile and learn how to behave in the best way to flirt online. But once done, you will see that these different sites will offer you excellent results.
Love rhymes with serious dating site!

We all know, life is too short not to share it. If finding the right person for this may seem difficult, you will see that by using the best dating sites, this will no longer be the case.

A serious dating site is the guarantee to get in touch with many people who are looking for exactly the same thing as you: a person with whom to share the best moments.

You will have a rather large choice, and no constraints! You can take the time to meet smoothly, to get to know each other, before you potentially pass the actual meeting point. The feeling may not be present every time but no matter, the important thing is to give yourself every chance.

With the quality platforms we present here, you should be able to meet interesting, motivated and respectful people who come here to give themselves a chance to find Love. It's up to you to do the same.

Choose the right dating site among the best we present!

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